Challenge Starts July 9! 
Get your vitality, vision and power back.  Rise Strong with us! Don't miss it!...
Pastoring has never been harder.  Only 18% of us feel qualified to lead in these times.  
Some of us are even saying to ourselves, 'I don't know how much longer I can do this...
If you sense you could use a little encouragement, refreshment and a clear compelling vision for what's next then this is for you.  Rise Strong With Us over 7 Virtual Power Packed Collaborative Sessions.
"The most recent Church Pulse Weekly poll revealed that ONLY 18% of pastors feel completely competent to lead in this moment.

I get it. It's never been more complex. 

Data like that motivated my recent post that outlines 9 things church leaders are really thinking in 2020 (like I don't know how much longer I can do this). 

It's honestly difficult to know exactly what to do in a time like this. When there's this much disruption, all your categories and approaches break down."*

If you feel at all like this then we need to talk. Really talk.  Like spend some serious time together and get into this and hammer it out. Pastoring in times like these an be super isolating and lonely and even dangerous to your own soul. 

We need each other now more than ever.

That's what I'm offering in this 7 Day RISE STRONG CHALLENGE. 

It's like Summer Camp for  Senior Pastor's.   

It's all online using a Private Facebook Group and Zoom -- so not quite s'mores and campfires and 'Kum-ba-yah' but you'll get the same effect and the recharge in your soul will be like water on parched dessert land that creates a vibrant green oasis in the presence of all the 'enemies' of your soul like isolation and lack of vision in turbulent times. 

God will meet us there.  I need this and I have a sneaking suspicion that you do, too.

Consider this my personal invitation to join me and a band of pastors as we figure out where we are, claim some time by an 'online brook' and see if some ravens might deliver a little bread [ I Kings 17:2-4 ] and let our over-worked minds, our over-paced hearts and our wild imaginations all settle down and be nourished by some time with God and a team who knows exactly what it's like to walk in our shoes.  

Just register with one of the links on this page.

Jeff Fuson
Church Planter / Lead Pastor / Friend for the Journey Ahead 

*Carey Nieuwhof Email - to be clear Carey has not endorsed this program, but his thoughts show the need for it.
As a Senior Pastor I need a band of other Pastors for the journey now more than ever. I bet you do, too.  Join us here.

 7 Days Of Live Interactive Training & Community 
via Zoom and Facebook Live all with one purpose: to come alongside you and help you RISE STRONG with new vitality, energy and Holy Spirit powered vision. *

45-90 Minutes of Community, Collaboration, Prayer and Bible Study with Jeff Fuson this band of pastors. 

We'll be sharing our Five Stage Proprietary Process to help you Recall, Reset, Reframe, Refuel and RISE STRONG TOGETHER.  

This will bring new life back to your work and 
vibrance to your life.


* [ any day you can't be on live will be recorded and available during the challenge so you'll never miss anything. ]

As a Senior Pastor I know how lonely it can be when there doesn't seem to be anyone else I can really share ALL the 'stuff ' that's going on in my head and heart. 

My wife told me I needed to go see a counselor and I did! 

The crazy thing is, is that I know enough about counseling to 'game' the counselor and so do you. 

What you need is another Senior Pastor who can see through your stuff and help you get some traction.

There is nothing like a heart to heart with another pastor who KNOWS, really knows, what's going on in your life. 

My hope is to facilitate this sort of connection between me and you and some other men in the tribe and most of all the LORD in the middle of us all as our point leader.

I hope to see you on the inside!

Jeff Fuson - Church Planter / Senior Pastor / Friend for the Journey Ahead
When you sign up today, you will get full access to all 
7 Days of Our Online Challenge.

We'll be interacting online daily for seven days.


It really is a lot like being in a Bible Study Group at Summer Camp where you'll make new friends, 
be challenged, given something to do together online and have some discussions 
that matter and pray for one another.

You've never seen anything like this, but I promise you it is the wave of the future. 

We'll be gathering daily for 7 days on Zoom and in Private Facebook Group.

Get all this and more 
for only $7.77!

[ I'm just trying to cover the ad spend that got your attention, if I don't my wife is gonna kill me! ]
Time Sensitive: Must Sign Up On Or Before Thursday, July 9 at Midnight Pacific Time To Receive All of these Special Bonuses:
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Bonus #1: Learn How To Create Creative Sermon Videos that grab attention, get traction and create action for your people with nothing but your phone. 

Register Now and this masterclass will be free for you to attend.  If you wait to register then you'll have to pay $27 to attend this bonus session. The time and date for this session will be announced during our 7 Day Challenge.  It's free to you if you register before 3 AM [ Eastern Time ] on Sunday, July 12, 2020. 
Who knew that when Covid-19 showed up that we would become Virtual Preachers?  If you'd like to get better at that we have you covered with this bonus Creative Cell Phone Video Workshop. 

Bonus #2: When you dive into this challenge you'll get access to an optional bonus session built around how to become a 'Tent-Maker' or add a marketplace component to your work as a pastor.  

These days more and more of us realize that as the world changes we may need to become a little more like the Apostle Paul and have a marketable skill or idea to help us support our families while we serve the church that we love - even though they cannot properly compensate us to do so.  I'll be sharing some ideas that can help you determine your next steps related to vocation, calling and career.  This could really help.  This bonus will be marketed on a site of it's own in the future from at least $49.

Bonus #3: Optimal Health Workshop for Pastors

I'll be bringing in a special guest or two for this bonus training where I'll share some time with these experts and give you some ideas on how to maximize your well-being and lower your stress as a busy pastor.  I know how challenging this can be. I'm 56 and have been at this Pastoring gig for a long time and hope to run strong right up til I kick the bucket.  I bet you do as well.  I'll be announcing the date and time for this session once we are underway in our 7 Day Rise Strong Challenge.  Your health truly is your first wealth and for us as pastors, it matters not only for ourselves but for the people that we love and lead to care for these temples that God has loaned us for His service.

If this sounds crazy...It is! Wait until you see how it works!

Bonus #4: Developing the Leader Within You!  
Optional Bonus Workshop featuring John Maxwell's 
powerful book by the same name. 

[ you must register before the deadline above or you will have to pay $27 to attend this session ] 

I'll tear into this book for 90 minutes and share the highlights of it.  This will be a fantastic leadership refresher course to sharpen your leadership mindset and aid your effectiveness as you lead in turbulent times like these.  This session alone is worth being a part of the challenge. Time, date and location TBA during the challenge. So, show up strong everyday as the schedule will evolve as we move along and I'll be announcing when bonus sessions are coming up close to actual time of release.  Remember, because this is a 'Challenge' and not a course, everything must be consumed during the challenge timeframe and once the challenge is over all the recordings and bonuses come down. 
There is power in being together and intentionally seeking God.
Access and Proximity are two of the greatest levers God tends to use to advance His leaders to the next level. You can earn access and proximity to some other great leaders just by showing up strong everyday of the challenge.

Bonus #5: Winners Circle Round Table

For those of you who show up strong during this challenge and go live daily and play full out I'll be awarding a special round table coaching session for the top few earners to join me for a one hour no-holds barred online round-table to discuss what's next in ministry beyond Covid-19 and the riots in our streets.  

So, make plans to go strong and earn your spot. 

This bonus session will be announced on 'Awards Day' near the end of the challenge. 
No, silly, everyone doesn't get a trophy!

One of the greatest struggles many of face is the possibility of a career pivot or transition.

So many questions and hard to find answers. 

We simply don't know what to do next or what we should really pursue.  We're caught flat-footed when it comes to knowing how to read the design the God has given to us and what to do about it.  

[ this is NOT transferable ] 

This package goes for $1,095 over at  

I'll draw from the top 7 participants so determine the  winner. 
Winner will be announced on Award Day and you must be present to win.
 Bonus #7: PRIZES When You Tune In LIVE and DO THE WORK!

During the 7-Day LIVE training we want you to show up LIVE on ZOOM with your Video on so we can interact just like we were at a Summer Camp Bible Study.  


If you show up live, you'll have a chance to win Starbucks gift cards, gift cards, books by special authors like John Maxwell and other cool prizes.  There will be give aways daily announced near the end of each day for those who are on strong and clear.   We'll choose a random winner at the end of each day to take home the "prize of the day"! [ actually we will mail or ship your prize to you. ]

This is just our fun way of saying THANKS for tuning in LIVE and reward you for being serious about Rising Strong together.  

When you show up strong for the team the team will show up strong for you and 

Meet Your Coach - Jeff Fuson
Church Planter / Senior Pastor / Christian Leadership Coach

Hey Senior Pastor Friend,

Jeff Fuson here.

If you have a sneaking suspicion that you're getting a little frayed around the edges and a little battle weary then hear me out.  

So, here's the scoop. I'm not a big shot, big time pastor of a mondo-church. 

Nor have I written a best-seller nor appeared on a famous person's talk-show as the greatest preacher of all time.

So, why should you even read one more sentence?

Because, this just might be the very experience that brings you back to full power in just a few days. If you've been a little knocked off stride by all that's been thrown at pastors like us in 2020, and you're anything like me, then you really need this 7 Day Rise Strong Challenge to be refueled.  

It's like sending yourself to 'Summer Camp!' for 7 days.* 

You should read on if the Holy Spirit is nudging you.
Because, this may be exactly what you need right now.

In this Men's Only 7 Day Challenge you'll  be REFUELED for your next steps in your journey.

The 5 Components to our Proprietary Refueling process 
Include Resting, Reframing, Remembering,  and Recasting a Renewed Future Vision

We'll do all that in the context of Facilitated Discussions, Break Out Rooms and Prayer Times

You should read on if you have a sneaking suspicion that the last thing you need these days is to hear another 
mega-pastor guru expound on how great it is to write their next bestseller or counsel with kings.  

You probably don't need any more Barna research or the latest Outreach Magazine top 100 List stuff to remind 
you that your dreams of maximum Kingdom Impact may not quite be on track.

Heck, you may not even need to know how to get more people to pay attention to your social media in hopes that 
someday they'll find you and your church relevant in the age of Corona Virus and flags burning in our streets.

If you have a sneaking suspicion that you're getting a little frayed around the edges and a 
little battle weary then hear me out.  

Me too.

I'm hurting dude.

I'm tired.  

While others were living it up on their extended staycations, hoarding toilet paper and working puzzles during the Covid-19 Pandemic along with binge watching the latest Netflix series and getting checks sent from the government I've been bustin' my can trying to take my church from about 2014 to 2030 in 8 weeks!  

I'm exhausted.

I need a hug --but, oh yeah, those are quarantined, too!

I''m a pastor who loves what I get to do and takes it as among the 
Highest of Privileges to Pastor the people of our church.  

Maybe you're like me?

If so, then read on.

But, if you're looking for a high-powered Sooper-Dooper-Guru-Preachin' Phenom he's on a different site. 
 You know where to find him/her. They'll be featured in Outreach Magazine and have a rock-star welcome 
at that next high priced conference you're gonna attend when he/she's rolling out their next Amazon Bestseller.  

I'm not that guy and I'm not trying to sell you on me. 

I'm trying to sell you on the idea that you need a special time with God and some friends to let your soul catch up 
and to let your mind settle down. 

You need a curated season of 'waiting on the Lord' so He can make you stronger and raise you up again.

Isaiah 40:31 - But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

That's what's on the table.

That's what I'm gonna set in front of you and a band of brothers during our 7 Days together.

The feast that you need in the desert.

What I am offering is an oasis during this hard 2020.

So, the spotlight is on the Lord and you and some friends and I'm just here to facilitate that using 
some powerful simple tools to bring us all together.

I'm just a church planter who started with a dream to reach people in our community who didn't already 
have a connection to Jesus or a Christ Centered church.

I was rock solid confident on day one when we launched that we would reach thousands overnight -- 
even though we are in a very tiny suburb outside of Louisville, Kentucky!

We've reached hundreds and never thousands.

We've worked our guts out and loved hard and made a dent in some stuff.

Mostly we've loved people into the arms of Jesus.

Outreach Mag nor Carey Nieuwhof have any interest in my story.

It's an ordinary story of a guy with a dream to change the world.

I haven't made it to the world, but I've made it to our community and that has made a world of difference 
for me and a world of difference for those we serve.

I've had a front row seat to the hardest stuff that humans suffer and the most glorious moments, too.

I'm a pastor.

I work hard -- really hard.

I prepare and sweat the details for every single message as if I were Steven Furtick or Andy Stanley, and the 
few hundred that see my sermons appreciate it, but, my social media stats are flatter than Waffle House pancakes.

In short, I'm just a former Youth Minister turned Church Planter who kinda backed his way into being the Senior Pastor. 
 It's not what I had in mind a few years back, but apparently God did!

And, along came the Corona Virus!

So, here we were earlier this year with a brand new shiny name and website ready to roll out to our church to 'rebrand' in an effort to reach more people more effectively. We had invested thousands of $$$ and a lot of sweat equity in preparing for the roll out on Easter 2020! It was gonna be an all out assault on the 'Gates of Hell' and we were gonna re-launch and take our stand and reach more people than ever....and then there was Covid-19.

March 8, 2020 we had a weird worship service.  

No hand shakes, no high fives, no hugs, no communion.  




I had no idea when I turned off the lights in the Worship Center that Sunday that I would become a 
Virtual Preacher or how much my world would change, and I bet you didn't either.

I had no idea what a tele-prompter was or how to shoot a multi-i-phone video message that actually worked well.

I had no idea that I would have to 'hire' my wife and kids to shoot sermon videos with me.

I had no idea what it would look like to do a 'socially distanced' funeral or to have week after week of 
online only worship experiences watching heart emojis swirl up my iPhone screen.

Our tech guys scrambled to get worship up to snuff online and sometimes it worked, but mostly it didn't for most of us.

I had no idea....

So, now here we are. Suddenly we are all of us ordinary preachers 
became mini-Tele-evangelists overnight.  

Who knew?!

Now as we open our building back up and try to figure out how in the world we will ever be able to meet the 
CDC guidelines for child-care I get to preach live again, but from here to eternity I'll be a Virtual Preacher, too!

I've had a crash course in all kinds of stuff I didn't even know I needed to know when that ball dropped on December 31, 2019.

Here we are half way through 2020 and we wonder who's gonna come back to live worship and when -- if ever.

Now, we are told that our in-person attendance may never reach pre-covid levels.

Now, we deal with race riots and turmoil and walking on egg-shells.

Oh yeah, and we have a Presidential Election brewing as well.

It's like walking in a field loaded with hidden land-mines.  

You may say the wrong thing and blow up your church's whole world. 
[ Just ask Chris Hodges about smacking a little icon on a social media site. ]

There has never been a more difficult season in my life as a pastor.

It's exhausting.

If you're anything like me, then we need to talk. Really talk. Like get a few of us who do what we do around that camp fire at summer camp and sing Kum-ba-Yah on an out of tune guitar and raspy tone deaf voices and just hammer this stuff out.

Except we can't because most of those kinds of places aren't even open! 

I don't know if I have post traumatic stress disorder or not, but I could be heading that way I suspect. Nor, do I know what's really gonna happen next. I have way more uncertainty than certainty about the specifics. [ I'm not talking in Grande Theological terms about God being in control, Romans 8:28 and all that, I'm talking strictly boots on the ground, we gotta pay the bills and payroll and mow the grass kinds of stuff that guys like us have to consider! Of course God is on His throne and He's large and in charge and we're all gonna be okay, etc etc etc HOWEVER, I still have some sleepless nights trying to figure this stuff out! Just sayin rockstar, don't blow me up for lack of faith! I got faith. And, I have a job to do as a point leader and a mission to accomplish as the lead-shepherd of those I love and serve, so seeking clarity about what's next just comes with the turf for me anyway. ]

So, if you're anything like me and you are wrestling with stuff and you'd like a little encouragement without another guru giving you a lecture about what you're not doing or selling you another program to run or a mission to accomplish then here's what I have for you.


An immersive online interactive experience between you and me and the Lord and some friends.  

You've never experienced anything quite like this nor have I but God has given me the gifting and calling and tools and experience to bring something to you that will rock your world.  

The spotlight will be on God and what He's up to in your life and there will be personal and 
group processing time and there will be break out prayer rooms and more.  

It will be a once in a lifetime special experience.  

It's like summer camp for pastors!  

[ except no s'mores or camp fires, but if this goes well and we ever get out of quarantine then we'll do this 
live soon and it will rock your world even more. ]

I have me and you and a few other people who I hope will join us and some time to bring up what's 
going on in our hearts and minds and to bring that up and process it.

Time to pray together -yes.

Time to go deep with the Lord and have facilitated process time - yes.

Time to share what's on your mind and heart - yes.

Time to be encouraged and inspired - yes.

Time to find a friend or two - yes.

Time to let God pull you back together and refresh you -- yes.

I'm asking you to trust me to pastor you and whoever else shows up for seven days and see what God can do.

I'm super excited to offer this to you and my hopes are high and I'm fully expecting that God is gonna show up and show off even more than we can imagine.

I'm not a mega-church pastor, but I'm a wildly gifted facilitator and an intuitive Christian Spiritual Leadership Coach.

I think I can bring some value to you.

Take the ride with me and if you don't think it was worth every single penny you've invested I'll give you your 
money back - no questions asked and no hard feelings.  

The risk is all on me to deliver.  

You've got nothing to lose.

I'm really only trying to make back enough money to cover the cost of the technology and ads it took to get your attention and to provide space for us to do this thing together. [ Pray for me, because if I don't cover the cost my wife is gonna kick my pastoral butt! I've heard Heaven in nice!! ]

The reality is that I could use a good long talk with someone who gets what's really going on in my head, 
my heart, my church and my home.

I bet you could too.

If this sounds like you, then I hope you'll join me. 

It will help. I promise.


For this to work I'm asking you to show up for our in person zoom gatherings and exclusive Facebook Group like you're showing up at your Cross-fit Box!  

Show up ready to dive in and leave nothing behind. Show up ready to go strong and be supported and support others.  

You will get way more back than you put in, but if you stand outside the box and don't hit it with us then you'll miss 
out on the power and rejuvenation and energy that could flow back into your heart over our seven days together.  

We will record everything and you'll have access to those recordings until our 7 Day Challenge is over, but just like summer camp, all good things must come to an end. So, make plans to be at everything and go strong for 45-90 minutes a day with me and the squad. 

When you do you will get what you came for.

So, here's the catch -- IT'S YOU!  

It's whether you'll show up and go strong and go live and invest in the process. When you do this will be a great gift and a 
pivotal time for your heart, your soul, your family, your church and your future. 


[ it will be really awkward if I'm doing this all alone, so give me a break and join me so I don't have to talk to myself for seven days! ]

Jeff Fuson

p.s. Oh yeah, at this point I'm supposed to drum up a bunch of testimonies and videos from people about how great I am or how great this is, but I don't have ANY social proof yet. None. Notta. Zip.  

This is the first time I've ever offered this and it may be the last. But, only time will tell.

Maybe if will if you'll jump in here and have an awesome experience and then be kind enough to make a video and send it to me or at least an encouraging email I'll have some 'social proof' for the next go around. I sure hope so, anyway!! 

And, remember, if you don't think you've gotten your moneys worth I'll refund every single dime with no questions asked and no hard feelings. The risk here is all on me.  

All I have is a Holy Nudge that this is what I'm supposed to do right now to serve other Senior Pastors who feel a lot like I do. I do have a unique set of skills, although I am NOT Liam Nisan, that are powerful tools to bring people into meaningful moments with the Lord and with one another. Those are the skills that I'll leverage and my hunch is that this is exactly what you need the most.  

The spotlight is gonna be on alright but its gonna be on the Lord and what He's up to in your heart and mind and soul 
and in the lives of your brothers.  

This is gonna be powerful. Don't miss it.

So, come on dude! Let's go. It's like Summer Camp for Your Soul! Who wouldn't want some of that?!

* Of course we'll take Saturday and Sunday and Holidays off and I'll add days to complete our journey after the weekend if needed. Although I will be adding some 'bonus' stuff to work on during those days if you'd like, just to keep our momentum up and running.  You'll of course, get extra credit for showing up those days and those credits add up to super cool prizes as we move along and at the end of our time together at our 'Awards Ceremony'!

p.s.  Hey gang for this to work and for us to get the most from our time together I can only serve a very narrow population, so for this round this is for Senior Pastors who are men only.  This means, no Campus Pastors, Worship Leaders, Youth Ministers, Children's Ministers or Family Ministers nor Executive Pastors, Staff Members, Board Members, Lay Leaders or ladies.  This allows me to meet the heart felt needs of this tribe very specifically.  Please honor this for the sake of these pastors.  

  •  I'm a former High School Football Coach and teacher.  I invested over 25 years in Youth Ministry before I was called to plant Phos Community Church near Louisville, Kentucky.  Leaving a great ministry to create a new church in a Movie Theater has been the toughest and best challenge of my life.
  •  My life's specialty is taking people into unique training environments where they can experience God and one another in unique ways.  
  • ​It started with leading Bible Studies on the Son Teams here in Kentucky and then onto to Centrifuge Camps where I was a Backpacking Instructor. 
  • ​Also, I have three summers of Whitewater Raft Guiding under my belt and have taken thousands of people on mission experiences all over the world with the sole intent of facilitating their growth in Christ and in relation to one another -- all while making a Kingdom difference in the world.  
  • ​So, stepping into the online facilitation space like this is natural progression for me and I think you'll reap the rewards in this first of a kind online 'Camp for Senior Pastor Men Only' context
  • ​I've been married to a Preacher's Kid, Julie Kent Fuson of Frankfort, Kentucky,  for almost 33 years and we share three amazing children ranging in age from 30 down to 17.   
  • ​We still have a High School Baseball player in the house.  I've had the privilege of coaching our sons in Baseball, football, Upward Basketball and Lacrosse.  I love coaching sports -- really coaching anything. 
  • ​So, my heart for coaching people to 'win' whatever that metric looks like is how I'll show up here during our 7 Day Rise Strong Together Challenge. 
If you've ever needed a band of brothers for the journey at hand it's right now.
Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up!
Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 [ English Standard Version ]
As a Senior Pastor I know how lonely it can be when there doesn't seem to be anyone else I can really share ALL the stuff that's going on in my head and heart. My wife told me I needed to go see a counselor and I did! The challenge is that I know enough about counseling to 'game' the counselor and you, to too. But, there's nothing like a heart to heart with another pastor who KNOWS, really knows what's going on in your life. My hope is to facilitate this sort of connection between me and you and some other men in the tribe.
In Each Day of This 7-Day Live and Highly Interactive Learning Experience You're Going To Get Answers To Your Biggest and Most Important Questions and Concerns When It Comes To How to Navigate as the Point Leader in Turbulent Times **

Here's the Big Picture:
In this Men's Only 7 Day Challenge you'll be REFUELED for your next steps in your journey.

The 5 Components to my Proprietary Refueling Process 
Include Resting, Reframing, Remembering, and Recasting a Renewed Future Vision

We'll do all that in the context of Facilitated Discussions, 
Break Out Rooms,Prayer Times and 'Hot Seats' 

Proposed Outline **

Day 1: WHEN IT ALL SEEMS LOST -- Crumbled Walls
What do we do when it seems like there is nothing but rubble for days and the 
old ways are ground to dust?  


You'll be surprised at many of us are running the ragged edge of burnout and I'll share some hopeful ideas from some who have been there and overcome it. Not the least of which we'll pull a page from Elijah's encounter with ravens near a stream when he was at his bitter end.

Day 4: RISE UP!
We'll dive deep into what it takes to take in the voice of the Lord and the power of the Holy Spirit to bring us back to life and to stand in the gap when He calls.

We'll do a few hot seats this day and 'crowd source' some ideas around what may be next for you and your church as we head toward the end of 2020. This is mostly a collaborative think tank idea generator day to give you some things to process and pray over.  

We'll invest today in getting our minds and hearts around what it looks like to Rise Up in each of our particular settings.  We tap into 'Nehemiah' and his process of planning, preparing, making the big ask and more. You'll find your next steps here.

We'll leave no stone unturned to get you to the breakthrough that you need to Rise Strong together with us.  On this day, in particular I will leave a lot of white space to wrap up whatever has been missing so far, or that you tell me you need.  I want you to be in the best space spiritually that you've been since all this craziness started. 

AND, IT'S THE RISE UP CHALLENGE AWARDS CEREMONY!! You gotta be present to win your cool awards.  This is gonna be a ton of fun!

** Of course like any good Pastor if I sense we need to adjust things to help us all Rise Up Strong Together, then we will pivot this content to meet that need. Since this is the first run at this there are likely to need to be adjustments. So, be flexible on details as we focus on outcomes.

Sign up today and I'll look for you in our Private Facebook Group after you register up on one of the links on this page.
Catalyst Training Group  - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
There are no guarantees that this process will work for you. None of our team are qualified, certified nor endorsed to treat mental or physical illnesses. You should consult a professional before taking any idea to heart and running with it. 

Please note that I do have affiliate arrangements with many people and organizations who I believe can add value to your ministry, your life and your calling. When you take action on anything offered please know that there may be an affiliate arrangement in place. So, do your own due diligence to insure that the step you are about to take is in your best interest. I seek to be fair and honest and only put things in front of you that I truly believe will be of significant positive impact in your life and in the lives of those you love, serve and lead. With that said, I will put in front of you ideas, links, and suggestions that I believe will benefit you tremendously.

Consult your Professional Advisors before taking action.

Therefore I, nor our team at the Catalyst Training Group, LLC assume responsibility for your progress or lack thereof.  
It's up to you do the work it takes to succeed and take your life to the next level.

Many of our sessions will be Audio and/or Video recorded and archived for future training experiences that will be publicly available.  
So, please be aware of this as you participate in our live sessions as they will become property of The Catalyst Training Group, LLC and Jeff Fuson to be used as needed to serve future clients and ministries. You are granting use of your images and likenesses and voice as a participant in this Challenge with no further permission needed from you for such use.  

If this is not okay with you then please do not enroll in the Challenge.

We promise to bring you the very top level service that we can render with the truest hearts possible.  
That's our pledge to you.

The Catalyst Training Group / P.O. Box 321, Buckner, KY 40010

If you're not willing to accept that, please do not join the challenge or apply for The 7 Day Rise Strong Challenge.
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